Welcome to the future of Microsoft Windows – redesigned, reinvented, reimagined. It’s all new. Vibrant and beautiful, the Start screen is the first thing you’ll see. Each tile on the Start screen is connected to a person, app, website, playlist,  or whatever else is important to you. Tiles light up with the latest info, so you’re instantly up to date. In one glance, you’ll see that photo you were just tagged in, tomorrow’s weather, and messages from your friends.

Windows 8 Pro Released Experience Download

And in Windows 8, everything is now even more simple. Instead of typing a password, you can trace a pattern on a picture instead. Want updates for all of your applications, all at once, all in the same place? You got it! You can use it to stay productive at work, or the have fun and play after. Windows 8 is… Built to amaze. Ready to upgrade?