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We proudly serve the Pinellas County area with professional computer and laptop solutions

Buy New and Used -and/or- Trade or Sell Your Old Machine. Get the most for your old machine and get a great deal on a new one. From Mac’s to Dell’s, we sell it all.

Expert Specialists

All of our staff are well trained and highly skilled in all aspects of technology diagnosis, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair. From desktops to laptops, PC to Mac, and cell phones to servers – you’ll be hard pressed to find a team with more knowledge and experience this side of Silicon Valley!

Unmatched Value

Our prices typically match our competition, with all the perks of higher quality service…

Stocked Inventory

We stock more replacement parts, add-on peripherals, internal components, and upgrades/accessories than anyone in the area. Big box stores refer customers to us when they can’t provide, and other repair shops and service providers regularly count on us for the parts they need. Just when you thought no one had the charger you needed- think again!

Convenient Locations

Professional & Friendly Staff at Every Store – Guaranteed.